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A backup generator can be one of the most important factors to any business/home or can be a complete life saving device. CSK Electric has years of experience installing generators and knows the importance of having it installed correctly. We work together with a generator sales and technician company to complete a full turnkey system from design to installation to maintenance provided.


As the world continues to progress and relies more on electrical products, power failures become increasingly inconvenient. Having a residential generator can solve most of your electrical issues. Issues caused from either having no power at all or having your electrical products damaged by the fluctuations in power causing a surge. When power fluctuates it can damage many electrical devices causing you thousands of dollars in replacements. Having surge protection or a generator to rectify these issues. In some of the more rural areas and even some local areas there can be many complications with having power outages, a standby generator and automatic transfer switch is the perfect solution.


Commercial Generators can be the most important part of the business, whether it be keeping the business running during outages or having the necessary power to continue to operate smoothly with no interruptions. We understand how important it is to have a generator and how important it is to have it functioning properly. If you are looking to have a generator installed with quality and workmanship in mind please reach out to CSK Electric.

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