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Electric Vehicles are one of the largest growing markets in the world and with the rate of rising gas prices it is almost a no brainer to purchase an electrical vehicle and save thousands of dollars a year. It is ultimately an investment because the vehicle pays itself off in fuel savings, but where do you charge them? Many homes or businesses do not have electrical vehicle charging stations yet so at CSK we are here to offer installation services to residential and commercial customers.


Residential electric vehicle chargers can be a simple addition to your home that brings you the ease of being able to get a full charge in under 4 hours and also brings value to your home! There are many different types of chargers you can choose from whether it be a standard 50A plug in charger to a Tesla Charger and or smart wifi chargers that you are able to monitor remotely. Electric vehicle charging stations can be a simple installation but sometimes you just don’t have a large enough electrical service to provide a new charger but with new technology there are options! We offer the installation of a load management device that monitors your electrical demand and allows you to charge your vehicle when there is not a large amount of electrical being used in the home.


Commercial spaces are one of the most needed spaces for electric vehicle chargers whether it be a residential apartment building to a commercial business, most people need a destination to charge their vehicles at work or at home and it can be challenging to do so when the existing electrical infrastructure did not have the foresight for the future of electric vehicle chargers.

We often see the electrical service is oversized and does have the capacity to add chargers but the question is how many chargers and how do you allocate the funds to charge your vehicle?

CSK Electric offers a consultation service to work alongside BC Hydro to assess your property to tell you exactly how many chargers you can install and educate how to appropriately charge out your chargers to progressively pay off the installation.

Reach out to CSK Electric to see what the future holds for Electrical Vehicle Charging for your home or business!