Leasehold Improvements


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As the real estate and the rental market continues to grow you might be looking to update the space you have currently or the new place you are planning to purchase. CSK is here to help with the design and construction in your project.

There are many ways to modernize a space whether it be updating current light fixtures to adding new LED pot lights to brighten a space there are multiple options available to bring more value to your existing space.

Many new renters or short-term rental properties are looking to have ways to charge their electric vehicles in their new space, we are able to install EV charging stations to provide another option for a leasehold improvement. Security Cameras may also be an option an owner might want to consider to bring an extra level of security to their property.

Making sure that everything is working, we are able to perform a full safety check of the home to guarantee that there are no potential hazards that may become an issue to the guest or tenant, we want to make sure that safety is a top priority.

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