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Lighting can be one of the most important parts of your home and or business, many times older and even some new residential or commercial developments do not have sufficient lighting and it can really become an issue to the owner and or leaseholder.

Residential lighting upgrades are the most common for older homes that do not have proper lighting throughout the home. In many cases the only lighting in a room could solely be done by switching an outlet for a lamp or a single light fixture, this can cause the home to feel dark constantly and really affect the value and appearance. CSK can brighten the area by adding new modern fixtures to existing lighting or adding pot lights throughout the home..

Commercial Lighting upgrades can be crucial to the profitability and productivity of a business, whether it be replacing existing inefficient metal halide or fluorescent lighting to LEDs or adding more lighting to an area that is needed. BC Hydro Alliance offers many incentives to replace existing lighting with LEDs, we have seen incentives cover up to 75% of project costs and at the end of the project it leaves the business with a small bill that is paid by the money saved in power consumption on your BC Hydro bill.

Please reach out to CSK electric for any of your questions regarding lighting upgrades and see how you will be able to save money and brighten up your spaces!

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