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As the need for electricity grows in this world, so does the addition of new things you need to add to your home and or business. Some electrical panels that are a part of the existing infrastructure are undersized and do not give you the option to add new electrical devices in the future.

Whether you want to add a subpanel to give you the option of adding more circuits or completely swapping the main electrical panel, these options will give you the freedom to add whatever you need and not have any restrictions.

Electrical Panels are the main source of electrical safety, we want to make sure that you are protected. In the same older dated homes they used to use fuse boxes, since the 1960s these have been phased out but can still be in use today. We highly recommend that these will be replaced as the technology has advanced as well as the safety of the products.

Panels are very susceptible to damage and need attention if they have been tampered with and or damaged in any way. If there is any water damage to an electrical panel, the breakers become defective and very unsafe. Please reach out to CSK if there was any possibility of damage to your electrical system and we can assess the situation.

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