Residential Construction and Renovations

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At CSK Electric Inc we have years of experience in the residential field and we believe that we’re able to take on any challenge. From residential service work, renovations to new build custom homes, you will be able to trust us with your vision for your home. We are extremely meticulous in our work and believe at the end of the project it will be shown in the quality of service. One of the main priorities of our company is to have the best possible customer service and to provide the level of service that will exceed expectations.

New custom homes:

We believe that custom homes are one of our strong attributes as a company, knowing that the service we provide during a build is exactly what the homeowner envisions. As your home is being built we believe that it takes a team to complete and we hope to develop relationships with everyone throughout the job.


We find renovations can be challenging but it is very rewarding when everything starts to come together. Through troubleshooting and determining how the previous contractor wired the house, it’s common to come across outdated or questionable work. At CSK Electric we take pride in knowing that if an electrician was to do the same to our work 20 years down the road, the quality would still stand and the workmanship would carry its weight. No matter the size of the renovation, CSK Electric is here to provide you with the same service throughout. We are happy to provide many top quality services to the residential industry.


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