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The continuous necessity of electrical products in the past years has started to cause problems with the existing electrical infrastructure in most homes and businesses. Many customers have reached out to look into the options regarding service upgrades to either plan for the future or their current needs.

Residential service upgrades are beginning to become a very common trend, most older homes can have main services at 60A,100A and 125A this has now become a thing of the past and most newly built homes will come with a 200A or 400A service provided.

There are multiple reasons why a service upgrade is needed, first would be that you may be wanting to build a suite and or build a shop to rent out and start to earn more money if that is the case adding circuits to accommodate for such things can become too much for your existing electrical panel. Second would be wanting to add things such as an electric vehicle charger, hot tub, pool and sauna, all of these things draw a large amount of electricity and can become strenuous on your electrical service.

Commercial service upgrades can be a large issue especially if it is something that causes problems to productivity and or efficiency to your business. Services in commercial spaces can be on the larger side of things but if you are adding new equipment, growing and needing more room for electrical devices it may cause you an issue that can affect your business drastically. We have experience in large service builds and switch gear to upgrade your service fit to your company needs.

To avoid the headache before it really becomes an issue please reach out to CSK Electric to help you with your service upgrade needs.

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