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Solar power is an ever growing market that is going to continue to grow over the next upcoming years, with the incentives the government is starting to be handed out it will soon become a thing that many homeowners and businesses will all have. Whether it may grid tied or off grid systems CSK Electric has experience up to 54KW systems working alongside Charge Solar and BC Hydro to small-scale off grid systems with battery backup and supplementary generator power.

The Canadian government has now set up many ways that homeowners can benefit from adding solar power to their home, they currently have funding up to $1,000 per Kw installed up to $5,000 as well as having interest free loans up to $40,000. Businesses are also able to have a tax credit for the full amount of the cost of the installation on their next tax year which can be a huge benefit to the income of the business

It is amazing to see the government implement grants like this to help bring green energy to the country especially with the current needs on the existing electrical infrastructure.

If you are interested in the future of solar power and would like to discuss more about the possibilities that you or your business may have please reach out to CSK Electric.

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