Strata Maintenance

Request For Quotation


Request For Quotation

At CSK Electric we strive to be a contractor that will provide diligent and punctual service. We maintain stratas from Chilliwack to Vancouver setting the bar high in the industry, we are consciously working with strata councils and managers to foresee different options to benefit the buildings and the buildings that are starting to age. Some of the services we offer to save the buildings money are:

  • LED replacements of existing fixtures throughout the buildings, we can save up to 60% of electrical cost by swapping old halogen/incandescent or fluorescent to new LED Options.

  • Ballast replacements for light fixtures that have aged over time and are needing replacing

  • Landscape lighting conversions to LED options to save money on the usage of the lighting

  • Additions to the building needing upgrades and repairs

  • Electric Vehicle Consultations, EV Chargers are an option that older buildings are looking for that do not have any chargers in the building and need to find a way to install and allocate the funds of the process. There are many options that are available for point of sale chargers that eases the pain of sorting the hydro bills between tenants and instead can pay at the charger as if they they were paying at a gas station, at CSK we charge a $500 Consultation fee to assess the buildings infrastructure with BC Hydro and to see what possibilities there are and how many chargers we can install as well as the available incentives provided by the government and BC Hydro.